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Mother's Helper game
1969 © Milton Bradley
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0 Game Board $40.00 each board
0 Spinner $20.00 each spinner
Original Cards $4.00 each card
 0 Pick up toys in the CHILDREN'S ROOM upstairs
 1 Make up bed in the CHILDREN'S ROOM.  Draw another card there.
 2 Please get a toy for the Baby in CHILDREN'S ROOM
 1 Whoops! - Rain Please close windows in PARENT'S ROOM
 1 Open the window in the PARENT'S ROOM
 0 Please get Mother's slippers in the PARENT'S ROOM
 1 Water the flowers in the LIVING ROOM
 1 Mother wants the newspaper in the LIVING ROOM
 1 Please clean the rug in LIVING ROOM  Draw another card there
 1 Mother needs a fresh towel from the BATHROOM
 0 Please clean the bathtub in the BATHROOM
 1 Get towels from the BATHROOM for laundry
 1 Take the letter to the MAILBOX in the front of the house
 1 Get mail from the MAILBOX in the FRONT of the house
 1 Go to the ATTIC for old-fashioned dress in trunk
 0 Daddy needs his suitcase in ATTIC.  Draw another card there
 0 Water the LAWN in the FRONT of the house
 0 Mow LAWN in front of house.  Draw another card there.
 0 Company coming help Mother set table in the DINING ROOM
 0 Get dishes in the DINING ROOM -- Come back quickly
Great = $69.95     CD -
18.75 x 1.5 Across     S/W =
19.5 x 8.25 Long     
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Complete Game
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OK Condition (80% OF FULL PRICE)
Can have 2 or 3 split corners
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Excessive Shelf Wear
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1 Game Board
1 Spinner
4 Toggle Pawns
20 Chore Cards
Game Contents