2 Pigs
1 Pig Sty (dice cup)
1 Pig Pen (pen)
1 Pig Pad (scorepad)
1 History Booklet
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Pig Mania game
1977 © David Moffatt
.    The object of this very popular game is to be the first player to score 100 points using "pigs"
as dice.  Players throw the pigs and score points based on the pigs' landing scoring position
ranging from 1 to 60 points.  Players can lose points as well.
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NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  Two or more.

PLAYING TIME:  Average time for 4 players is 20 minutes.

OW PLAY BEGINS:  Each player tosses the pigs once -- player with the highest roll goes first.  In the event of a tie those players toss again until a winner is
decided.  A scorekeeper or "Grunt" is appointed.  Play begins with players taking turns as pigs are passed in a counter clockwise direction.

SCORING POINTS:  The pigs are tossed by placing them both into  the pigsty and tossing them simultaneously onto a smooth surface.  A caked surface of mud
is best but a table top can be used.   Points are scored as follows:

Pig Out:  Pigs land on opposite sides, one pig on left side, the other on right side.  0 points --player must pass the pigs to next player.

Siders:  Pigs land on their same sides.  1 point and player tosses again.

Hoofer:  One pig lands standing on all four hoofs.  5 points and player tosses again.

Leaning Jowler:  One pig lands on its left jowl supported by left ear and left forehoof.  15 points and player tosses again.

Double Hoofer:  Both pigs land in the hoofer position.  20 points and player tosses again.

Double Leaning Jowler:  Both pigs land in the leaning jowler position 60 points and player tosses again.

Razorback:  One pig land on its back 5 points and player tosses again.

Double Razorback:  Both pigs land in the razorback position.  20 points and player tosses again.

Snouter:  One pig lands on its snout and tow forehoofs.  10 points and player tosses again.

Double Snouter:  Both pigs land in the snouter position.  40 points and player tosses again.

Mixed Combo:  Any combination of Hoofer, Razorback, Snouter or Leaning Jowler, add total score:i.e., Hoofer (5 pts) and Snouter (10 pts) = 15 points and player
tosses again

Piggy Back:  Since this is an unnatural position for pigs, player forfeits game.

Makin' Bacon:  Both pigs touching in any position.  Player loses all points earned for that turn of play, and must pass the pigs to the next player.

HOG CALLING -- "SOOEE":  Any player other than the pig tosser hog call.  He does this by shrieking "Sooee" prior to the tossing of the pigs.  The first palyer to
scream "Sooee" gets to hog call -- there can be only one hog caller per toss.  The hog caller predicts what positions the pigs will land on the upcoming toss.

.    If correct, the hog caller earns double the number of points cored on toss.  The pig tosser must subtract the same number of points accumulated from his
score and pass the pigs to the next player (a player can never go below 0 points and must have 1 or more points to hog call).

.    If incorrect, hog caller must subtract from his score double the points scored on toss.  Pig tosser earns double the points scored on toss and continues play.  
If "pig out" or "makin' bacon" are thrown regular rules apply with no points earned or lsot.

.    The player tossing the pigs retains possession of the pigs until he throws "pig out" or "makin' bacon" or is "hog called" correctly by another player.

HOW TO WIN:  When one player reaches 100 or more points after completing his turn (i.e., a player continues to accumulate points over 100 as long as there is
no "pig out," "makin' bacon," or successful "Sooee"), the final round begins.  Each of the remaining players has one turn to surpass the score of the leader.  If the
score is bettered, another round takes place in which all the other players (including the old leader) have one more opportunity to surpass the new leader.  If no
one scores higher than the leader in one complete turn, the game is over and the winner has won!

OPTION AL ADULT RULES:  FOR A MORE VOLATILE FINISH  All play is the same except that, in the final round, the player with over 100 points MUST -- repeat,
MUST -- HOG CALL each opponent in a last round; if, after this last-round is complete, the HOG CALLER still has over 100 points, he wins.  If, however, an
unsuccessful "SOOEE" or two causes the leader's score to fall below 100, the game continues as normal with no further obligation to HOG CALL -- until
someone again goes over 100 and
MUST HOG CALL each opponent in that final round.  The winner, as above, is the HOG CALLER who survives the FINAL
ROUND of mandatory HOG CALLING all the other players by remaining over 100 points.
Game Rules for
Pigmania Game
1977 © David Moffatt
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