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Game Contents

1 Base
1 Tripod
1 Short Pole {3/16th x 6¼}
1 Long Pole {3/16th x 13½}
3 Pegs {3/16th x 3¼}
2 Perches
1 Acrobat
1 Fork
8 Blue Discs
8 Red Discs
8 Yellow Discs
1 Gravity Ring
1 Spinner
Tip It game
1986 (c) Ideal
This is a remake of the classic
1965 game Tip It.  Other than
the box graphics, the game is
the exact same.
The object of the game is to
get barious Discs which have
different point value, while
trying to keep the
balanced on his
This game was designed for 2
to 4 players ages 4 and Up.
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0 Base $9.00 each
0 Tripod $12.00 each
0 Short Pole {3/16th x 6¼} $3.00 each
0 Long Pole {3/16th x 13½} $6.00 each
0 Pegs {3/16th x 3¼} $1.25 each
1 Perches $3.00 each
0 Acrobat $4.00 each
0 Fork $2.50 each
0 Blue Discs $1.00 each
0 Red Discs $1.00 each
0 Yellow Discs $1.00 each
0 Gravity Ring $5.00 each
0 Spinner $4.00 eacheach
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